Emo Messages
Amazing (Name A Person)
As Blood trickles
Im an unloved
There is love in the world.
Isn't life to be fun?
There is alot to live for
There is alot going on 2day
Amazing (Name A Person)
As one wise person said
Death might be feared by sum
Sum might love u
if there was ever 1 thing i regretted
love is something

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Im happy in this world. this is because of u. You are with me. And we wont be appart. Not now, not never. I love you. And You are mine as i am urs. You r my Amazing (Sum1s name that you like). And i love you For who you r. I would give anything to have my life with you. And only you. You r my life and always gunna be. If u were to leave my side my life wouldnt be the same. i love you. you r my amzing (Sum1 name that you like).


Luv (Ur Name)

By: Remy Clark