Emo Messages
As Blood trickles
Im an unloved
There is love in the world.
Isn't life to be fun?
There is alot to live for
There is alot going on 2day
Amazing (Name A Person)
As one wise person said
Death might be feared by sum
Sum might love u
if there was ever 1 thing i regretted
love is something

Heyy!! We Make Away Messages For A.I.M And Other Instant Message Systems. They Are Usually Emo and Stuff... So We Are Srry If You Dont Like 'Em... So Here WE go.

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1. Request Aren't Open. When They Are You Guyz Will Have To Be NICE To Us Cuz If You Dont We Will Block You!!

2. If you use out away messages pleez dont alterate them... and say they r urs...

3. Have Fun!!

<3 Remy & Bekka

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